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The Sicilian Sea Salt

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Organic Flour

Back in 2013, I was introduced, by my husband, who is from Sicily, for the salt because he simply could not understand why we, in Denmark, said that salt was dangerous, because where he comes from, it has always been regarded as a healthy thing; salt heals many things such as a sore throat (gargle a glass of saltwater), cleanse wounds (saltwater). Salt has for generations, been used for preserving food, and you can live longer without water than without salt.

The next time we visited family in Sicily, we also visited the lagoons in Trapani. There are several other companies in the same area, but we fell for this wet salt, its taste and history - nurtured and cared for by a small company with pride and love for their product with shovels as only help with WWF signs at the entrance to the area.

Later we have been made aware of several other special products from the area; Organic dried herbs and the latest - an ancient seed, from the old "Roman pantry" - Tumminia-flour which, by nature, contains extremely little gluten, so those who are intolerant to gluten can eat it.

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